Zarar Mohamed niaz

From Tamil nadu


Published on June 24, 2020 by

Name : Zarar Mohamed niaz , Age : 10+, Receiting : Sura At Tiin , Almighty ALLAH (SWT) is taking about 3 oaths in the sura.



  • mamcbse2010 4 years ago

    Ma Sha ALLAH.
    Jazakalla khaira.

  • Yusuf Estes 4 years ago

    Mashallah. Very good, but there was a lot of distraction of loud sounds in the background. Your Surah At Teen is a good choice. Here’s a link to our website (you can choose a reciter of your choice) Click the “Gear Wheel” in the upper right-hand corner and see many options.
    Tip: Do a short recording and play it back before you record your surah, and be sure to listen to your recording before you upload it.

    We’re still waiting for the final judge’s opinions. Please make dua for all of us. Jazakallah khair.

  • Yusuf Estes 4 years ago

    Salam Alaykum Zarar. You are doing good and very nice try. Just remember about listening to your recording before you upload it, OK?
    Jazakallah khair.


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