Abdullah Yunus

From NY


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Name : Abdullah Yunus , Age : 5, Receiting : Syrah An-Naas , Abdullah Yunus bin Mufty Hafiz Luthfur Rahman Qasimy .From Manhattan, New York . Contact of Father :212-203-8695



  • muftyqasimy 2 years ago

    He is very encouraging for our future generations.

  • yusuf 2 years ago

    Abdullah, Salam Alaykum. Mashallah. Very good. Your Surah An Naas is a good choice. Here’s a link to our website http://www.ReciteOnTV.com (you can choose a reciter of your choice) Click the “Gear Wheel” in the upper right-hand corner and see many options.
    Be sure to always watch and listen to your video before you upload it. This really can make a difference to the judges.

    We’re still waiting for the final judge’s opinions. Please make dua for all of us. Jazakallah khair.


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